Laura Jean &


Drew Rudman

Are You Guys For Real?

We're 100% for real.

It was the happiest day of our lives!

We decided (on Thursday, April 9th) that Easter Sunday was the perfect day for a wedding celebration to not be about us. A day of remembrance of the loving sacrifice and redemption accomplished through Jesus, the perfect foundation upon which to begin our marriage; an entity that will also be comprised of loving sacrifice and redemption and is a shadow of what we remember on Easter in Jesus.

Read the whole timeline of our wedding day below:


Our wedding day started with a sunrise Easter service on the roof of the Boulevard Bodega (Drew's old house and our new summer home). We celebrated and worshipped with the people who have been quarantined with us for the last month.
Our dear friend (one of Drew's groomsmen) Griffin, preached to us on what was unbeknownst to him as our wedding day. We read Scripture, sang, and celebrated Christ's resurrection together. Before we began, one of his roommate's fiancée even commented that Easter Sunday would be a joyous day to get married. She sure was right.


After the sunrise service, we headed to Laura's house for a long-awaited and emotional task to be completed: Drew getting his hair cut. Since graduating (May 12th, 2018), Drew had been growing his hair out. He decided that he was going to grow it out for two years after making a pact with fellow friend and Greyhouser, Matt Miner. Over the course of time it went from a fun bet with friends to a serious personal endeavor, where cutting his hair would be a shedding of the old and a marker of a new season. Drew decided a few months into dating Laura, that he was going to have her cut it off on the morning of their wedding. Laura agreed and thankfully did a tremendous job, because her reviews since could be summed up as such:

"Rudman looks hotter than ever."

Thanks, Mrs. Rudman. I tend to agree!


Ryan and Allee Dietrich arrive at the Heirloom Tomato, our new home! On Thursday, shortly after picking up our marriage license (somehow snagged the last appointment of the week, shoutout to Kathy) and treating ourselves to some Chick-fil-A, we gave Ryan and Allee a call. See, back in the summer of 2018, Ryan mentioned to Drew on numerous occasions he was excited for Drew to move to Indianapolis to "become great friends with my friend Laura Jean". Well, being the man with the plan that he is, on Ryan's own wedding day he made the introduction and the rest is history. A beautiful friendship was born, which eventually turned into romance, and now it's the reason why you're on this website. We both feel deeply and incomprehensibly indebted to Ryan and couldn't imagine anyone else officiating our wedding. He and Allee (one of LJ's bridesmaids) have been tremendous friends to us both through the years and it was a joy to celebrate with them by our sides. After some initial greetings and logistics (LJ got to fulfill her own personal dream of being her own wedding coordinator), LJ and Allee headed out to get ready, while Ryan gave Drew a pep talk on how to save money on stamps when you're married.


Wedding Ceremony #1 was in the backyard of Laura's parents' house in Fishers. While the weather was forecasted to be rainy, the sun held strong and the clouds were parted for the joining of our lives. Laura walked down the "aisle" with living legend George Cunningham (her father) to Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major; a song that Drew has played for her many a time, and she has dreamt about even more. Both of her parents, her grandmother, and our sweet baby puppy boy Cosmo were in attendance. Ryan addressed the crowd, gave a charge to us as a couple, and explained what we both meant individually and collectively to him. He reminded us to place Christ as our cornerstone, above all, and to live with Him always in mind. We exchanged vows, rings, and prayed with Laura's parents. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. Even the guy across the neighborhood mowing his lawn had to stop to grab a handkerchief.


After Wedding Ceremony #1, we were off to Wedding Ceremony #2 in West Lafayette (aka God's Country)! In Drew's parents' front yard, we ran through the same wonderful script: Ryan addressed the crowd, gave a charge to us, and exchanged rings and vows. However, this time we were accompanied by the neighbors next door celebrating the birthday of one of their daughters. A wonderful day to turn 7 and add to the celebration! You never quite expect to be reading your vows to your future spouse with a handful of kids peaking their heads through the bushes, but these are wild times indeed. The birthday balloons (which somehow matched our wedding colors exactly) accented everyone's outfits and the honks of cars passing through the neighborhood added to the smiles and laughs. Mama Rudman prayed a beautiful prayer over us and again, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. As co-best man, Papa Rudman gave a rousing speech, which was part history lesson.

"I never expected to hear so much about the civil war or polio on my wedding day." Laura thought as we pulled out of the driveway.

After leaving Drew's parents, we headed to both of Drew's sisters for one heck of a surprise. Emily (Drew's middle sister) and her husband Josh were on the phone with Josh's brother and sister-in-law (shoutout Scott and Katie) when the soon-to-be newlyweds arrived in their front yard. Emily read Colossians 1:13-20 and Drew started to lose it (he wasn't cryin', we all were cryin'). From the Curry's house, we headed to Drew's other sister for another shocker. Kate and her husband J.b. were setting up an Easter egg hunt for their three kids, but we had other ideas. We played the classic shoe game you see at receptions (who does this more, better, etc.) with Drew's nephews and niece. Laughter ensued, smiles were many!


After leaving Kate's house in Lafayette, we headed back to Fishers to surprise the rest of Laura's immediate family. Laura asked her siblings to dress up and wave through the window at her mom and dad's to socially-distance surprise them for Easter. Little did they know, it was they who were being surprised! We showed up for a bouquet toss with Laura's nephew and niece and (of course) to dance to Single Ladies by Beyoncé, because there was soon-to-be One Less Lonely Girl in the world.


The Pronouncement!

After leaving Laura's parents house for the second time, we headed to our (!) home where the world's most beautiful maids of honor were waiting. After getting all of the technology set up, Ryan began Wedding Ceremony #3 in the backyard, with our families watching on Zoom. We were officially pronounced husband and wife and the crowd went (virtually) wild.


The newly wedded couple didn't take long before grabbing take out food for the first time. We drove straight from the Heirloom Tomato to Rayan Restaurant (Indy's best Yemeni restaurant) to pick up the order we placed on Thursday right after we got our marriage license. (If there was ever a question about whether we have our priorities in order, hopefully that answers it for you.) We brought home lamb, rice, appetizers, and all the necessary ingredients for an Easter (and wedding reception) feast to a very unsuspecting group of residents at the Boulevard Bodega. After the initial shock (that honestly never ended), the rest of the evening consisted of toasts to some of Drew's groomsmen, an incredible surprise visit (and a killer speech) by co-best man Brian Ghiselli, and Drew and Laura's first dance with our dear friend Joseph accompanying on the piano. There are some moments in life that stick with you as clear as day even as time passes by, and this will certainly be an evening for us we will cherish for the rest of our lives. This was one of those moments.


The Boulevard Bodega crew sent Drew and Laura off with a traditional rice-filled goodbye and the two twirled from the dance floor, to their car, and into the rest of their lives.

The day now behind them, the world in front.

Thanks for reading about our love story. Here's to a lifetime full of adventure with those we love.

(Spoiler: it's each other and whoever is reading this right now)
Morgan Kendall