Laura Jean &


Drew Rudman

Our Roadtrip Reception

To our dearest friends, family, and people we met that one time at the grocery store:

If you hadn't heard, the first draft of our guest list topped out at a whopping 711 people (and believe us, 711 wasn't even everyone we wanted to be there), so the idea of having a wedding where we couldn't invite everyone we've ever met felt absolutely impossible for us. And when COVID-19 brought the added factor of making any big gathering impossible, we knew we needed to find another way for all the people we love to be involved in our wedding.

Our solution was this: A Roadtrip Reception

What does that mean? It means we'll get to spend the next several weeks visiting as many of the amazing, wonderful, and invaluable people we love as we can – from a responsible socially distanced 6 feet away, of course! (Laura Jean, future public health professional, will make sure of it.)

So if you'd like to wave at us from the front porch of wherever you're quarantined, please click the "Visit Website" link below and give us the address of wherever you're currently calling home. We'd truly love to see you and to have the opportunity to chat with you for longer than we would have been able to at a formal wedding reception anyways!

We love you. All (711+) of you mean so much to us and we are excited for you to be a part of the beginning of our marriage.

Hope to see you soon!

The Rudmans
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